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About Spontaneity Kid Care

About Us

Spontaneity Kid Care is a DHS licensed, part-time, drop-in child care center. We are a membership based, private pay, pay-by-the-hour program.

Here are a few ways we differ from full-time daycare:

Supplies:Please bring diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes in a labeled, clear plastic bag with your child at every visit.

Potty training:If your child is actively potty training at home, we will do our best to help them here. Please bring your child in pull ups until they are accident free.

Prompt Pickup:If at any time a manager calls and asks that you pick up your child, we expect you or a designated contact to arrive at the center within 30 minutes.

Meals:Our current menu is available in our parent handbook and at our front counter. You are also welcome to bring your child's meal - we will serve this to your child during our scheduled meal times at no charge.

Meal times:Spontaneity Kid Care has 4 scheduled meal times throughout the day (9am-10am; 12pm-1pm; 3pm-4pm; and 6pm-7pm). If your child arrives outside of these meal times we will not be able to feed them until the next meal time.

Infants (under 1):We require that a sufficient amount of baby food, snacks, and formula or breast milk be left with your child during every visit.

Cups:Spontaneity Kid Care will provide your child with a water cup while they are with us so there is no need to bring your own.

Ratios:Spontaneity Kid Care follows DHS ratios at all times. Unfortunately this means siblings can't always stay together and will be separated according to age.

For more information, please read our Parent Handbook.